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Rapid technological innovation, globalization, and demographic shifts in workforces around the world are all influencing the future of work. This collection gathers valuable information alongside insights gleaned from our Convenings with a focus on the role of coaching as a positive mechanism for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Pioneering researchers around the globe examine the Future of Work

These prominent thinkers--each from a unique discipline--discuss the changing nature of work, the opportunities for human development, and the risks ahead for people and the planet.

COVID-19 will have lasting effects on workplace

Across an 18-month long pandemic, workplace patterns shifted and people re-discovered the importance of relationships. Many of these changes will become permanent.

Key themes from our Convening—captured in illustration

In our 2021 Future of Work Convening, Wisdom Weavers from across the Americas exchanged views on issues as wide ranging as longevity, well-being, and the future of learning.

It’s time to reimagine the future of cities

Businesses and workers are no longer bound by geographical limitations due to advances in technology and workplace behavior. It’s time to reimagine the role of cities in our lives.

Coaches and new technology help people find meaningful work

Coaches and technological innovations are helping people gain the knowledge they need personally and professionally to thrive in the Future of Work.

The future of education will determine how people succeed at work

Access to knowledge is access to opportunity.  Inclusive learning opportunities are essential for ensuring that all people develop skills that enable flourishing at work. 
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The core reason why people seek meaning at work

Wisdom Weaver William Ayot explains why people want to experience meaning at work and in life. He believes that it is possible to enhance meaning at work.
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Social dialog promotes shared distribution of wealth

Wisdom Weaver and economist Stijn Broecke advocates for a healthy social dialog between workers, employers, and policy makers in order to shape a future that benefits all.

Preparing children for the future requires imagination

Some experts believe that children under the age of five will have jobs that have not yet been invented. Preparing children for the future requires imagining possibilities that don’t exist.
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New models of learning are needed to prepare for the future

In many ways, we are still learning methods from the last century to solve problems for the next century. To truly prepare for the future, we must change our view of learning.

Extended life spans will transform workplace norms

Population trends will collide in the workplace—where as many as four generations will work side-by-side. New leadership competencies related to aging will emerge.

Themes on meaningful work from our Convening

Our 2021 Future of Work Wisdom Weavers shared ideas and visions for soulful and meaningful work, which are captured in this graphic illustration from the Convening.

Technological advances affect almost every aspect of work

Our Wisdom Weavers examined medical advances, new methods of personal development, and the biggest concern of all: equal access to technology.

Positive relationships foster trust and collaboration—which are vital for success

Healthy Interpersonal connections accelerate productivity and innovation. Organizations will need to prioritize relationships in the age of technology.
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Technology can bolster our ability to find meaning at work

Wisdom Weaver Stijn Broecke believes that advances in technology can improve the quality of life for workers by automating simple tasks.

Inequality will become a defining issue in the Future of Work

Income disparities along with uneven access to opportunities will destabilize societies if left unaddressed. The principle of inclusivity will define many aspects of work.
woman standing next to woman riding wheelchair

Caring for the elderly will evolve with new housing arrangements

Urban skyscrapers that were once devoted to office space may transform into multipurpose housing--including dedicated spaces for nursing home facilities.

Your best hope for the future—themes from our Convening

Our Wisdom Weavers shared their most hopeful visions for the future and their beliefs that a thriving society can flourish amidst transformative change.
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Unemployment is a risk for healthy societies

Wisdom Weaver Stijn Broecke explains that labor markets are most successful when they are inclusive and when they enable all people to use their talents. 
Coworkers sit around table brainstorming

In a hybrid work environment, community remains key

As offices are increasingly adopting hybrid/remote models, companies will need to find new ways to build community among their staff.
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The role of creativity in adapting to change: a poet’s perspective

Embracing creativity will prove vital to the future of work as advancing technologies change the way that people connect and do business.
Graphic displaying assumptions around work from the Future of Work convening. Themes described in article below

Fundamental assumptions about work need to be reconsidered

These themes from our Convening reveal how our assumptions about work must shift. As Stijn Broecke said, "Nothing about the future is inevitable."
Themes surrounding trust and community as technology and work evolve

Fostering trust and community in the Future of Work – themes from our Convening

Our Wisdom Weavers find that connections formed easily online are not as authentic and rich as in person.
Woman breathes deeply in sunny park

Investing in wellbeing is a priority for business and society

Wisdom Weavers discuss how long-term mental and emotional health is important individually, economically, and for society as a whole.
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The future of work will be built on sustainability

As we look to the Future of Work, the world must first redefine the relationship between industry, people, and planet.

Pioneering researchers around the globe examine the Future of Work

These prominent thinkers--each from a unique discipline--discuss the changing nature of work, the opportunities for human development, and the risks ahead for people and the planet.
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