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The rapid transformation of technology, communication, and work presents complex challenges for education systems around the globe. One of the most pressing challenges is ensuring equitable access to quality education for all people, which is a United Nations Global Goal. In 2022, the Thought Leadership Institute launched the Manifesting the Future of Education Convening and research to reveal the opportunities and risks inherent in The Future of Education. The Convening findings inspired us to craft a call to action—a Manifesto for the Future of Education—that establishes a vision for transforming education around the world while integrating the practice of coaching as a catalyst for positive change.

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Manifesting the Future of Education: Think, Learn, Transcend

Wisdom Weaver, Dr. José Miguel Justel shares his perspective on the June 2022 Convening and future aspirations for collaboration to reinvent education.

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TLI student interns see positive transformation in the future of education

Interns Haley Cline and Michal Miller reflect on their work with the ICF Thought Leadership Institute and what they learned from the latest collection.



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How teachers can use a coaching approach to empower students in the classroom

A coaching approach reveals knowledge and resources through a process of self-discovery. Teachers can benefit from using coaching principles in the classroom to increase engagement and empower students in their learning.  

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How coaching students for sustainable action can connect student values to global initiatives

Coaches can help students who want to support environmental stewardship or practice ethical business standards to align goals with sustainable decision-making.  


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