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Technology can bolster our ability to find meaning at work

Wisdom Weaver Stijn Broecke believes that advances in technology can improve the quality of life for workers by automating simple tasks.

Technological innovations are changing the way work gets done. Why is this good for society?

I think it was [the late economist, John Maynard] Keynes who said that by now, we would be working 12 hours a week or thereabouts. He saw a future where we could spend our time writing poetry and doing nice things adding value in different ways.

Dr. Stijn Broecke

Why do you say that advances in technology can increase meaning at work? 

I think if robots and algorithms can automate our lives, and we can all have more time to do things that are meaningful to us. That would be a great thing, and so that’s something to encourage.

Dr. Stijn Broecke

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