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New learning models are needed to prepare for the future

In many ways, we are still learning methods from the last century to solve problems for the next century. To truly prepare for the future, we must change our view of learning. 


Preparing new generations for the future of work can be a daunting task


Instead of looking to the past to shape education, future thinking can impact learning models


New learning models can prepare the next generation of workers for the future of work

Wisdom Weavers

Why is learning a challenging part of the future?

Today, we are quite boring because we are trying to learn something from the last century to solve problems for the next one. So we are still focusing on something that we can put our hands around. But the future may ask us to learn beyond what we are seeing right now. So maybe the role of art, the role of the understanding of the whole, not just the part, will be critical for the future.

That’s one thing. The other thing is that I think going digital is good because we open doors for people who are outside of the learning process today. So, if we are able to bring in more people, maybe someone that we are not seeing, and give them some opportunity to learn different things, probably we have more talents in the future.

Viviane Mansi

Learning will have a crucial role. Plus, learning, problem-solving. Learning, to me, is crucial. The problem is what you learn, right? That is, that’s the big question: what are the kinds of things that we have to learn?

Dr. Néstor Márquez

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