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Extreme weather events help all people realize the urgency of climate action. Sustainability meets the needs of the present without sacrificing opportunities for the future. As deadlines for the United Nations Global Goals and the Paris Agreement draw near, the need for positive and constructive action becomes acute. The Future of Planetary Ecology collection explores how coaching can support sustainability efforts.


enacting the future of planetary ecology; hands holding seedling

Enacting the Future of Planetary Ecology

Thought Leadership Institute Executive Director/VP Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., shares her perspective on The Future of Planetary Ecology collection and aspirations for ways a coaching perspective can support sustainability efforts.


woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on white wooden bench during daytime

Coaches examine their role in supporting planetary health

Greater ecological awareness is prompting a discussion among coaches regarding how their work contributes to planetary sustainability. As a result, a growing number of coaches are shifting their practices to prioritize planetary health.
person planting rice on field during daytime

The rise of ESG signals a growing push for accountability

With new methods to track the environmental and social impact of business, consumers, employees, and regulators are looking for companies that add value to the planet.  
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Culture can be a barrier or asset to organizational change toward sustainability

Coaches can help organizations investing in sustainable business models to identify how culture supports or challenges organizational change.
a wind turbine on top of a hill. In the new social contract business will need to give back to the planet

The new social contract for business reimagines the relationship between industry and the planet

Businesses that seek financial gain at the expense of environmental stewardship and human rights are losing their “social license” in the modern market. In the new social contract, societies expect businesses to give back.
climate responsive leaders can engage employees through beach cleanup and local environmental projects

Climate-responsive leaders can energize employee purpose to drive change

Employees increasingly want to support environmental and social causes with their careers. Climate-responsive leaders can use this trend ignite sustainable transformation.
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Training the next generation of sustainability leaders starts with investing in soft skills

Leadership development that enhances soft skills will help future sustainability leaders to create thoughtful solutions for complex environmental issues.
adaptive teams are diverse and value innovation

Diverse and adaptive teams are foundational for building an innovative sustainability strategy

The field of sustainability is constantly evolving. Organizations will need to build adaptive teams that continue to learn and grow through change.
Counteracting greenwashing practices to embrace the profitability of sustainability

Counteracting greenwashing practices to embrace the profitability of sustainability

By implementing sustainable products and services without greenwashing, businesses can embrace profitability and meet consumer desires for eco-conscious choices.
sustainable business practices like green architecture reimagine urban spaces to create indoor greenhouses

Sustainable business practice is an investment in long-term global success

Governments and consumers are pushing organizations to adopt sustainable business practices that restore ecosystems, address waste, and reduce carbon emissions. Coaches can help guide thoughtful transformation in business.
people walk down flooded streets, cities will need to adapt to climate change

Business and people will need to adapt to the impact of climate change on health and safety

Climate disasters and rising temperatures are disrupting global economies and cities. Coaching offers a lens that helps individuals adapt to change and understand the value of sustainable action.
eco-awareness: person holding there is no planet b poster

Greater eco-awareness is shaping social and business trends among individuals and communities

A global increase in eco-awareness and activism is shaping consumer habits, public policy, and business development. Explore how climate change unites people to act and what this means for coaches.


a giraffe standing in a field with a city of Nairobi in the background

ICEA LION: African financial institutions collaborate to support sustainable development

Working across the financial sector, ICEA LION models the power of collaborative partnerships to co-create a sustainable future.
green and black rope

Systemic Coaching: Coaches explore connection to imagine a sustainable future

Globalization and technological innovation are rapidly transforming policy, business, and the environment. Systemic coaching aims to meet complex and changing client needs with a future focus.
Climate Coaching Alliance: A global coaching community deepens awareness to support planetary health

Climate Coaching Alliance: A global coaching community deepens awareness to support planetary health

The Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) helps coaches deepen their ecological awareness by holding space for curiosity and collaboration. Dr. Josie McLean and Eve Turner share how coaches are reimagining the relationship between people and the planet.
person holding compass facing towards green pine trees

How a coaching approach can help business leaders clarify their sustainability goals

Consumers are demanding greater environmental accountability from businesses. Leaders can use coaching approaches to design sustainability goals that support a company’s core values.  
students study biology outdoors; outdoor learning can promote ESG proficiency among students

How educators can use a coaching approach to model ESG proficiency and equip future leaders

Increasingly, organizations expect workers to understand environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. A coaching approach can help educators model ESG proficiencies to students.
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