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The core reason people seek meaning at work

Wisdom Weaver William Ayot explains why people want to experience meaning at work and in life. He believes that it is possible to enhance meaning at work. 


Many people do not feel a connection to meaning in the workplace


Coaching can help workers find ways to meaningfully connect to work


Finding meaning at work helps people to feel a greater sense of connection in their lives

Wisdom Weaver

Why is the search for meaning at work is so important? 

Joseph Campbell used to say: ‘People say we’re looking for meaning, what we’re actually looking for is an experience of being alive.’ So that at our our deepest level, we feel the rapture of being alive.

Many of us don’t have a path to the rapture. We don’t have a path to the ecstatic moment of being alive. Work denies us that. And I think perhaps we need to build that back in to the very notion of work — that work can give us an experience that is better than we might even have hoped for.

William Ayot

William Ayot

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