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Each Collection of our Global Digital Library represents a domain of human development wisdom that influences—or is influenced by—coaching. Connecting these fields of inquiry is our commitment to investigate how coaching contributes to the United Nations Action Plan for societal well-being. As a holistic system, these four pillars inform our research focus, which in turn generates our body of knowledge.

Activating human potential through reflective growth

The Future of Coaching collection combines leading-edge innovations in coaching and transformative trends shaping coaching research, impact, and practice.

Sustaining holistic growth and purposeful living

The Future of Well-being collection uses a coaching lens to envision a future where well-being takes center stage, nurturing the growth of humanity and the greater social good.

Elevating views of work to center on meaning and purpose

The Future of Work collection explores cutting-edge research, trends, and coaching innovations that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces.

Advancing human development through the evolution of knowledge

The Future of Education collection establishes a vision for transforming education around the world while integrating the practice of coaching as a catalyst for positive change.

Casting an expansive vision for our living planet

The Future of Planetary Ecology collection explores how futures thinking and coaching can highlight the need for positive and constructive action to support sustainability efforts.

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