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Each Collection of our Global Digital Library represents a domain of human development wisdom that influences—or is influenced by—coaching. Connecting these fields of inquiry is our commitment to investigate how coaching contributes to the United Nations Action Plan for societal well-being. As a holistic system, these five pillars inform our research focus, which in turn generates our body of knowledge.

shaping the future coaching

41 Wisdom Weavers convened to imagine coaching as an intervention to overcome a range of issues, such as burnout, inequality, working across cultures, and creating a sustainable future for people and planet.

quest for meaning in the future of work

In our inaugural Convening, experts discussed how rapid technological innovation, globalization, and demographic shifts in workforces around the world are all influencing the future of work.

coming summer 2022:
manifesting the future of education

In 2022, the Thought Leadership Institute will launch convenings and research aimed at revealing the opportunities and risks inherent in The Future of Education.

coming fall 2022:
Enacting the future of planetary Ecology

As the deadlines for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Accord draw near, the need for positive and constructive action becomes acute.

coming winter 2022:
influencing the future of social policy

The Thought Leadership Institute will convene global experts and sponsor research to reveal the most urgent and visionary recommendations for shaping social policy.

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