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Wisdom Weavers

Conversations Among Experts

The rapid transformation of technology, communication, and work presents complex challenges for education systems around the globe. One of the most pressing challenges is that of ensuring equitable access to quality education for all people, which is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.

In June 2022, the Thought Leadership Institute invited experts in education, business, technology, and coaching, to challenge existing paradigms in education and investigate opportunities to collaborate and reimagine education as an interdependent system for learning. Following the Convening, the Institute invited Wisdom Weavers to continue the conversation throughout the second half of the year to research and reveal the opportunities and risks inherent in The Future of Education.



Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., ICF Thought Leadership Institute


Olli-Pekka Heinonen, International Baccalaureate Organization

Noah Sobe, UNESCO

Jayne Fleener, North Carolina State University


“On June 9, 2022, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Thought Leadership Institute (TLI), held the virtual Convening, Manifesting the Future of Education: Think, Learn, TranscendOur main goal was to foster a space to think about the current state of education and envision its future in the domains of K-12 education, digital transformation, and higher education (work and lifelong learning).

The Convening brought together 34 people from 15 countries. I was delighted to note that each participant was engaged and enthusiastic throughout the discussion and the subsequent break-out sessions, especially since this was the first time most everyone met one another.

These discussions inspired us to craft a call to action—a Manifesto for the Future of Education—that establishes a vision for transforming education around the world while integrating the practice of coaching as a catalyst for positive change.”

José Justel Miguel, Ph.D., MCC

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