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Dr. Jayne Fleener



Dr. Fleener has had many different experiences throughout her long career. She has studied philosophy where she focused on alternative logics for artificial intelligence for early computer science applications, taught Advanced Placement computer science and calculus at the high school level, and was an early adopter of chaos mathematics and complexity theories for education and educational research methods. She began her higher education career as a mathematics teacher educator at the University of Oklahoma (where she also served as the Title IX Compliance committee chair and chair of the Athletic Council). She left OU to become dean at LSU (Louisiana State University) College of Education and then came to NC State as dean of their College of Education. Since 2015 when she returned full-time to teaching and research, Dr. Fleener has been working with futurists and community leaders, focusing on developing futures literacy and social transformation for new ways of thinking. Her research spans a variety of fields including mathematics, mathematics education, teacher and STEM education, adult education, and futures. She has her undergraduate degree in philosophy from Indiana University, and three graduate degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill including a masters in philosophy, an MAT in mathematics, and a PhD in mathematics education. She is a boundary spanner committed to working across fields for future transformation.

What inspires you?

People with hope inspire me

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My relationship with my mother

What’s on your bookshelf?

Full-Spectrum Thinking, Bob Johansen

Stamped from the Beginning, Ibram Kendi

Unchartered: How to Navigate the Future, Margaret Heffernan

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