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Raúl Hernández Jorge



With +25 years experience in strategy and business development in 30 countries, Raúl Hernández Jorge has occupied CxO positions in companies such as Santander Bank – Universia, Vodafone, Tele2, Oesía Consulting, Telefónica and ACS Dragados. MSc in Mechanical Engineering, MIT Innovation & digital transformation program, and IESE general management program. Has been professor of business development strategy at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has extensive experience in innovation in education industry, participates in advisory and mentoring projects for the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and for other Startups Incubators and Accelerators. Currently, he serves as Countries Director and Global Head of Digital Transformation of Universities of Universia Holding (company owned by Santander Bank, within its CSR area). Universia operates in 23 countries, with subsidiaries in 8 countries, and is a network of 1,400 universities with different projects and collaboration programs. Married, and father of two university students of Business Administration & International Relations, Industrial Engineering.

What inspires you?

Higher Education trends The need for disruption The need for connecting HE trends with humanism, ESG and the respect for fundamental values and Ethics To create value and hope for the education of our next generations To share my experience on the field To help people, students, and education institutions prosper

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My parents, my wife and my children, with no doubt.

What’s on your bookshelf?

Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Business. The Valley Digital Business School Los ejes del poder económico. Geopolítica del tablero mundial, Eduardo Olier

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