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Wisdom Weaver


Ananya Mehta



My name is Ananya Mehta and I am pursuing my MBA at Shoolini University. I am an aspiring academician, marketer, and public speaker. I graduated with a degree in Marketing Management and Retail Business from Delhi University. One of the core values and beliefs is that words carry immense power so they should be mindfully used; this is something I genuinely live by, as I have seen the impact words have on us and those around us.

What inspires you?

The goals that I have set for myself and the vision that I have for my life is what inspires me the most. That vision keeps my “why” alive and striving for the best.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My relationship with my grandfather has been the most influential, especially after his passing away. Life has been changing, is constantly changing, but he taught me and continues to teach me the beauty of balancing and controlling of my emotions.

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