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Eve Turner



Eve Turner is a coach, supervisor, and author of several books, chapters, and articles, including Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice, co-authored with Alison Whybrow, Josie McLean, and Peter Hawkins, and Systemic Coaching with Peter Hawkins.

Previous roles include senior leadership in the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), running a division with 250 staff. Eve is the past chair of “The Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision” (APECS) and volunteers extensively, including co-founding the CCA with Josie McLean and Ali Whybrow — the Climate Coaching Alliance — with 2,400 members worldwide in Spring 2023. CCA membership and all events are free to the public.

Eve helped co-author a joint statement on ecological and climate change, signed by 11 coaching, coaching psychology, and professional supervisory bodies, representing around 300,000 people between them. Collectively they run regular, free events through the Joint Global Statement Group (JGSG).

Eve founded and co-leads the first developmental group for supervisors worldwide, the Global Supervisors’ Network, which provides free continuing professional development at least monthly to its 300 members. She lives in the UK.

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