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Gloria Orrigi FOC 23 (2)

Dr. Gloria Origgi



Gloria Origgi is an Italian philosopher based in Paris at the Institut Nicod (CNRS). Her work focuses on social philosophy and the philosophy of new technologies. She has been Visiting Professor at Columbia University (New York), the University of Munich (LMU), the University of Porto Alegre (UNISINOS), and many other institutions. She has written extensively on trust and reputation as social mechanisms. Her books include: Reputation (Princeton University Press, 2017); Passions Sociales (PUF, 2019).

What inspires you?

New research trends, good movies, old novels.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

The relationship with my mentor, the cognitive scientist Dan Sperber, who has inspired me every day for 30 years.

What’s on your bookshelf?

A Social History of Truth, Steven Shapin

 L’Adversaire, Emmanuel Carrère

Film: Birdman

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