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Dr. Frances Penafort, MCC



Frances works as an Executive Leadership Coach, Coach Mentor as well as a Coach Supervisor. She holds her coaching philosophy as; partnering with leaders in their journey of discovering themselves, unlocking their potential and transforming to become the leader they are meant to be. Armed with her MCC coaching credentials, Frances is passionate about supporting leaders in a wide range of issues such as Executive Leadership, Executive Presence, Team Empowerment, Disruptive Mindset, Behavioral Skills and Cross-Cultural Diversity. Frances is an active contributor to ICF – being the First elected President of ICF Malaysia Chapter. She is currently a Board Director of the ICF Global Thought Leadership Institute, was a Board Director of the ICF Global Enterprise Board, a Member of the ICF Ethics Global Board, a Member of the ICF Global Nominating Committee and a Member of the ICF Core Competency Review Team.

What inspires you?

MY GOD inspires me daily to be more productive, expand my ways of thinking and shift my gears to achieve more for the greater good of mankind. I seek ways in which I can SERVE HUMANITY and coaching is that perfect ‘ikigai’ that has cemented my passion, my calling, my life and my light.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My relationship that has influenced me most is that of my parents. They moulded me to think and evaluate what it was I wanted in life, they became my guided lamp post, shining their light on the paths that I took. Additionally, they supported my choice of study and were exhilarated when I graduated with my Ph.D, the highest accolade achieved among my brothers and sisters. A BIG Thank you to my parents.

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