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Dr. Atul Nischal



In 2018, Dr. Atul Nischal founded International Council for School Leadership (ICSL). Within 3 years, ICSL became India’s most trusted and admired organization for in-service professional development of educators and school leaders. Today, ICSL is the largest community of school educators in India. Its innovative initiatives such as Lead the Change, Leading in Chaos, TeleLead, ReSET, Connect2Learn and Friday@5 have impacted more than 68000 educators across more than 550 cities and towns in India and 33 other countries. The success of ICSL can be attributed largely to Dr. Nischal’s rich and diverse experience of 30 years in the school education industry. During his professional career, he has led several innovative interventions in different domains of education including content development, assessment, in-service professional development of teachers, educational technology, and eLearning. He has actively engaged in various aspects of the quality of school education with decision-makers in the Government, industry, and institutions. Dr. Nischal has led or collaborated on various projects with MoE, the Government of Uttarakhand, The World Bank, The Open University (Oxford), British Council, NIIT, HCL, eGurucool, Riverdeep (Ireland), Chegg Inc (USA), Encyclopedia Britannica, and other reputed organizations in education. In 1997, Dr. Nischal completed his doctoral studies in pure mathematics at Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), and decided to return to India to improve the quality of school education. His mathematical acumen, out-of-the-box creative problem-solving abilities, and ability to lead large teams towards a common vision have been the drivers of his professional success.

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