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Wisdom Weaver


Donna P.A. Eiby



I am pretty sure that most people are a work in progress. Who I am today is a culmination of many journeys: education, army officer, enterprise architect, techno junkie, budding anthropologist, future of work nerd. My promise of tomorrow is the ability to translate this journey into insights and actions that can add a single thread to the bridge scaffolding humans today with the future.

My vehicle for doing this is the co-creation and curation of programs designed to bring a 20th century workforce into the VUCA world of today with a laser sharp focus on championing the celebration of all that makes humans unique. To facilitate belonging and purpose by making humans the centre of everything. Including work.

What inspires you?

Nature, 100%

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

Without doubt my wife. She has taught me that every human deserves to be treasured as unique; that we are all trying to do our best. She is the instigator to me embracing the superhero narrative. That we are born with superpowers only unlocked when we accept them and learn to use them.

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