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Brian Ambrosio



In an education career spanning approximately 30 years, Brian has worked in a range of Australian and international educational institutions. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education & Math) from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, he was involved for 10 years as an educator, teacher, and leader in Australia. Brian’s international experience spans 20 years across a wide range of culturally diverse locations and included teaching and leadership experiences in international schools as well as advising and leading educational transformation in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia at school, district and state levels. Brian also had experience in the corporate sector with WSP Environment in Melbourne, Australia as a Learning & Development Coordinator / Leadership Coach in the Risk Management Field. All these experiences were the foundation for his Master’s in Educational Administration thesis, ‘Strategic Planning for International Schools in Complex Environments’. (UNE, Armidale, NSW, Australia). Brian continues to be a passionate educator with specific expertise in areas of Education Transformation and School Turnarounds, State and District transformation, Project Management & Master planning as well as Coaching Education Leaders.

Featured Insights

What inspires you?

In this context, Education Leaders who are willing to challenge the status quo for the sake of their students, teachers and the overall betterment of their school. This can sometimes be a risky proposition to that persons future career prospects as they are often challenging education authorities. I have witnessed these brave leaders turn schools around in Malaysia and the UAE in particular.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

My wife — she inspired me to continually challenge myself to evolve, get out of my comfort zone and seek out new challenges.

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