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Arisa Kishigami



Arisa works as an independent thought leader and advisor under her slogan En-CycleS, standing for Engagement Cycle for Sustainability. As part of this, Arisa is a board member of Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF) and is engaged in public policy discussions through the Japan Financial Service Agency (JFSA) Expert Panel for Sustainable Finance and the Green Finance Committee under the Ministry of Environment. Arisa aims to achieve a globally sustainable environment and society by stimulating a virtuous cycle of action primarily by the business and financial community and other stakeholders that interact. To this extent, Arisa contributes through published articles such as Responsible Investor and Alterna, public speaking and interviews in Japan and globally, and strategic dialogues with board and management members. Prior to this, Arisa relocated from London to Tokyo to take up a position as Head of ESG, Asia Pacific, at FTSE Russell. Arisa has been an ESG and Sustainable Investment expert since 2007, managing corporate engagement programs, ESG indexes and ratings product development, and institutional investor client engagement on stewardship and ESG integration. Arisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Policy Management and a Master of Science in African Studies.

What inspires you?

The simple beauty and strength of nature. The twinkle in the eye and endless drive by many individuals I have encountered. The power of music.

What relationship has been most influential in your life?

There are many, but my parents, certain teachers, and an entrepreneur in Kenya would be top of the list.

What’s on your bookshelf?

The man who planted trees by Jean Giono

Momo by Michael Ende

(In Japanese) “The sun that doesn’t set” by Toyoko Yamazaki

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