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Genevieve Feliú, Ph.D., is the Futurist Researcher at the ICF Thought Leadership Institute (TLI).

Genevieve Feliú, Ph.D.


Genevieve Feliú, Ph.D. is the Futurist Researcher of ICF Thought Leadership Institute (TLI). A trained social scientist mixed methods researcher, Genevieve has spearheaded innovation initiatives for national organizations and local communities for over ten years in higher education and workforce development. Before joining the TLI team, she obtained a master’s degree in sociology from East Carolina University, focusing on social network analysis and social capital. Genevieve received her doctorate in Organization and Management from Capella University, continuing her focus on measuring social capital within networks. She is also a certified UX/UI and human-centered designer with a certificate from the Springboard Intensive Bootcamp.

With an insatiable curiosity, Genevieve is committed to studying how technology, society, and culture intersect and impact our well-being. Her objective is to understand how we can shape the futures we desire. In her current role at TLI, she delves into how coaching will adapt to transformative forces that drive changes in work dynamics, education systems, and our planet’s ecology. By closely examining these areas of inquiry, she aims to uncover valuable insights into how these factors will influence coaching practices and ultimately shape the future of human growth.

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