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Positive Health Coaching: Christian van Nieuwerburgh explores the future of coaching in healthcare

Coaching researcher and academic Christian van Nieuwerburgh shares insights from a new center researching the interplay between coaching, healthcare, and the future of well-being.

Well-being offers a sustainable alternative to health optimization

The wellness industry is rapidly expanding with products and services tailored to “optimize health.” As an alternative to health optimization, coaches can support a holistic view of well-being that equips clients with the skills and resources to imagine a future of well-being for all.

Self-care helps coaches serve others while avoiding caregiver burnout

When coaches invest in self-care, they build a foundation to support others and avoid caregiver burnout.

Navigating the future ecosystem of care: Coaches as catalysts for holistic well-being

Coaching already helps clients achieve overall growth by uncovering the different needs that lead to personal well-being. Coaches can lead the transition to a connected ecosystem of care that empowers holistic growth, supports caregivers, and bridges care systems

Our Take: Charting the course for well-being and coaching’s future

Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., Executive Director/VP of ICF Thought Leadership Institute, shares her reflections on the thought-provoking foresights of the future of well-being and coaching that the team generated from the collective wisdom of worldwide experts.

Coaching for holistic well-being in a globally interconnected world

Incorporating future thinking, coaches can empower clients to forge a path to holistic well-being aligned with emergent global patterns and shifts. This approach prompts coaches to contribute to a future where well-being is universally attainable.

Redefining self-care: Coaching for community and individual well-being

Coaching can transform self-care to nurture both the individual and the community. This reimagined approach balances personal well-being with collective health, prompting a shift towards more caring for self and others.

Navigating the gig economy: Opportunities and challenges for coaches

Gigging is altering how we interact with products and services, sparking innovative business models, and reshaping the future of work, and even coaching.

Casting a vision for human-AI hybrid coaching practice

In an era of technological advancement, coaches are experimenting with human-AI hybrid coaching practices to engage clients in new ways.

Understanding consolidation and disruption in the global coaching marketplace

Industry leaders reveal how the coaching marketplace is being shaped by changing consumer needs and technological capacity.

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