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Transdisciplinary collaboration bridges the gap between coaching practice and research

By pooling resources to examine coaching through the lens of other disciplines, transdisciplinary collaboration provides a unique opportunity to better understand coaching and human development. These insights can help bridge the gap between coaching practice and coaching research.

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Groundbreaking researchers around the globe examine the Future of Work

Experts on the future of work often identify as futurists or innovationists. These prominent thinkers discuss the changing nature of work, the opportunities for human development, and the risks ahead for people and the planet. 

Enacting the Future of Planetary Ecology

Thought Leadership Institute Executive Director/VP Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., shares her perspective on The Future of Planetary Ecology collection and aspirations for ways a coaching perspective can support sustainability efforts.

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How educators can use a coaching approach to model ESG proficiency and equip future leaders

Increasingly, organizations expect workers to understand environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. A coaching approach can help educators model ESG proficiencies to students.

students study biology outdoors; outdoor learning can promote ESG proficiency among students

Sustainable business practice is an investment in long-term global success

Governments and consumers are pushing organizations to adopt sustainable business practices that restore ecosystems, address waste, and reduce carbon emissions. Coaches can help guide thoughtful transformation in business.

sustainable business practices like green architecture reimagine urban spaces to create indoor greenhouses

Business and people will need to adapt to the impact of climate change on health and safety

Climate disasters and rising temperatures are disrupting global economies and cities. Coaching offers a lens that helps individuals adapt to change and understand the value of sustainable action.

people walk down flooded streets, cities will need to adapt to climate change

Greater eco-awareness is shaping social and business trends among individuals and communities

A global increase in eco-awareness and activism is shaping consumer habits, public policy, and business development. Explore how climate change unites people to act and what this means for coaches.

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How teachers can use a coaching approach to empower students in the classroom

A coaching approach reveals knowledge and resources through a process of self-discovery. Teachers can benefit from using coaching principles in the classroom to increase engagement and empower students in their learning.  

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The quest for meaning at work begins by teaching lifelong learning in the classroom

People in increasing numbers are craving meaning and purpose at work. New insights gleaned from our Future of Education Convening indicate that adopting attitudes of lifelong learning in the classroom benefits students later in life as they navigate professional development.

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How coaching students for sustainable action can connect student values to global initiatives

Coaches can help students who want to support environmental stewardship or practice ethical business standards to align goals with sustainable decision-making.  

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Elevating low-tech knowledge can support diversity and equity among students

Our experts highlight the harmful consequences of technology overuse in the classroom. Instead, a balance of low-tech learning supports skills development and increases student exposure to diverse ways of thinking.

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Social and emotional learning is vital to building a sustainable future

The learning environment shapes how students understand our interconnected world. An emphasis on partnership and connection will help young people foster a sustainable worldview.

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