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Convening for Discovery

Our convenings harness collective wisdom to help people solve complex problems. We gather small groups of Wisdom Weavers, transdisciplinary global thinkers, for facilitated conversation in support of the United Nations Action Plan for People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Past Convenings

Since 2021 we’ve hosted 3 Convenings that brought more than 84 Wisdom Weavers together.

Upcoming Convenings

In 2022 we will host one more Convening on the fourth pillar of our Global Digital Library.

Meet our Wisdom Weavers

To us, a Wisdom Weaver is a thinker who has made their mark in a specific discipline and is called to help answer the most significant questions of our day. We aim to create space and foster processes that enable Wisdom Weavers to share their point of view through their stories, work, and art. Then, our team captures their insights in video, articles, and other digital media, which we disseminate through our Global Digital Library.

Our process illuminates Wisdom Weavers’ niche expertise, while inviting the perspectives of experts from differing fields in order to expand our understanding of important issues. Each thinker comes to the table with much to offer—and yet is driven to learn through multi-disciplinary discussion with experts from unconnected fields of discovery.

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